Crag & Tail

The laidback gin with a thirst for the outdoors. For those seeking versatility in their spirit. Pair with your mixer on hand, cocktail or just take this one straight up.

The Journey

Developed and created by us, the two guys behind the premium drinks distribution company, Huffmans (Ramone and Gregor). C&T is the end product to a voyage of gins that run into the hundreds through various samplings of trying and testing new products to list in our other venture.

The Flavour

Confident on the flavour profile we were after with our own twist – the subtle addition of watermelon, we enlisted the assistance of our friend and local distiller to keep Crag & Tail on our home turf of Angus where it is distilled, labelled and bottled.


Geared up for endless recipe tweaks, we couldn’t quite believe we hit the nail square on the head after only 1 distillation. Educated guess? Partially. Luck? Absolutely!

The Result

A well rounded, solid, clean, and classic gin. Are there better gins out there? You bet, but this one stands up against the best.



Named after the hilly formations prevalent around Scotland. The characteristics of a crag and tail of an exposed vertical rocky face with a sweeping slope behind this caused by ancient glacier shifts. The crossbar in our 'A's represent one. Examples - Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle for the perfect vantage point and Dundee's Law Hill.


London Dry Gin - All natural ingredients with nothing added after distillation.


12 including - Watermelon, Elderflower, Orange, Lemon, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Coriander, Angelica.


Well rounded and balanced, citrus immediately present, with the spice building throughout but nothing overpowering. The finish is clean and refreshing. Pair it up with your favourite tonic ice cold, and garnish with a wedge of zesty lime.


At the end of the day have your gin how you like it, spicy, use chilli, floral, maybe some rose petals. We like to take away all the frills and keep it classic, some quality tonic water and 2 wedges of lime.

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